Tammy Deramo

Makeup artist

Tammy D’Eramo is a Virginia state licensed Master Permanent Cosmetic Technician and a Master Aesthetician.  She successfully studied, trained and performed procedures among some of the nation’s top instructors.   Tammy is certified in Advanced Specialty training and Para-medical training which includes: Areola restoration for Mastectomy and breast reconstruction patients, in which she utilizes a three-dimensional technique.  She also holds certifications in CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens and  Sanitization and Sterilization techniques.   When first starting in the industry in 2002, Tammy worked with Dr. Mark Kanter, a local plastic surgeon.  In 2006 she obtained her certification in Aesthetics.  In 2008 Tammy was instrumental in providing legislation to the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations board to enact licensure requirements to help govern the Permanent Cosmetic industry.   In 2009 she opened an office located in the City Center area of Newport News.  Tammy is referred by several Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons in the Hampton Roads area and would be delighted to provide a complimentary consultation.

Tammy D’Eramo

What is Permanent Makeup?

Well…maybe the term “permanent” can be somewhat misleading; in other countries it is referred to as “semi-permanent”, considering it fades over time.  Permanent cosmetic makeup is cosmetic tattooing.  It is also referred to as “ micropigmentation”.  Permanent cosmetic procedures are a process and two applications of color are needed before the procedures are considered complete.  There are some distinguishing differences between permanent makeup and body art tattoos.   The inks used for body art have a much higher metal content and are composed of larger molecules/particle size that cosmetic pigments lack.  The facial tissue consists of six layers in the epidermis and two layers in the dermis.   Pigments are implanted in the top layers of the epidermis down to the dermal layer, as the epidermis exfoliates the color exfoliates as well.  Tattoo inks can cause migration and that is why most technicians in the permanent cosmetic industry use pigments that are specifically formulated for use on the facial tissue.  Also, permanent cosmetic pigments are designed to compliment undertones in the skin producing a more natural result.  Our trademark at Advanced Dermagraphics is “Natural Looking” Permanent Makeup.

 Is Permanent Makeup right for you?

If you struggle with poor motor skills/dexterity difficulties such as arthritis, Parkinson ’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors

Have vision problems that make it difficult to see to apply your makeup

Suffer from Allergies or have sensitivities to conventional cosmetic

Wear contact lenses or eyeglasses that cause watery eyes and smudged eyeliner

Hair loss due to Chemotherapy Alopecia or Thyroid issues

Those who are busy and want to save money and time by not having to apply and reapply their  makeup